Our Story

Chicago Baking Company, Inc. owned and operated by the Lewis family, has been a part of our consumer’s lives for many years. The baking tradition has been passed down through the generations within the company and we are always looking for new ways to meet our consumer’s needs.

We are committed to applying the principles of sustainability in all aspects of our business which we share more about in our Corporate Responsibility. Our bakeries comply with Amfori BSCI to ensure fair establishment and improvement of workers’ rights, workplace conditions, and an effective management system as well as BRC to ensure food quality and safety.

Lewis Bakeries, Inc. is supportive of efforts to improve animal welfare and is committing to the objective of purchasing cage-free eggs by the end of 2025 due to source availability. Currently, a very limited number of Lewis-produced bakery products contain eggs as ingredients.

Butternut Bread

One of our consumer’s favorite brands, Butternut Bread, has been a part of our consumer’s lives and homes for over 50 years! As a company, our goal has always been to produce the best bakery products and respond to our consumer’s needs.

Healthy Life Bread

Healthy Life Bread was introduced in 1991 originally as a diet bread. Over the years we’ve gained more and more fans of our healthy breads and have provided more dieters with breads that help to suit their needs for a healthy lifestyle.

Lewis Bake Shop

One of our newest brands, Lewis Bake Shop, has been met with many compliments, as we answered the call for a smaller loaf of bread, with lots of different varieties to choose from. We’ve also have an online store, where you can purchase your favorite Half Loaves Online! Visit LewisHalfLoaf.com.